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Take your pick of marketing and Internet services. A half-day of hands-on marketing, advertising, public relations, graphic design, domain name research and registration, keyword research, competitive sites, meta-tags, search engine submissions, listings and online advertising including Google AdWords.

The most extensive keyword research service available anywhere. Includes all of the keywords, phrases, and terminology relevant to your business taken from the most recent 340 million search engine transactions on Google, MSN, Yahoo, AltaVista, AOL, Lycos, Hotbot, Open Directory, Netscape, LookSmart, Overture and others.

Ideal for web developers and Internet marketing professionals. Includes Ranking Report and Site Review, Keyword Which Hunt™ & Competitive Sites, Search Concepts & Meta Tags; Web Check; manual and automated search engine submissions; follow-up Ranking Report 8 weeks after submissions. ($2,600 value)

The most complete search engine positioning program available for commercial web sites. Includes Search Engine Ranking Report and Site Review, Keyword Which Hunt™, Search Concepts & Meta Tags, Custom Home Page Revision, manual and automated search engine submissions; follow-up Ranking Report 8 weeks after submissions ($3,600 value).

OUR BEST KEPT SECRECTS REVEALED! Getting found on the search engines is so easy you can do it yourself. - Here are the three most important tools we use in Search Engine Optimization and Internet marketing. How do we do it? Find 10-step instructions in our Search Engine Power Plan. Our secrets are revealed.
Traffic Facts from

1. Internet marketing begins at home with server statistics from Traffic Facts from Cheap Web Hosting Hawaii is the most effective low-cost server log analysis service we've found anywhere. Outstanding graphics. Easy to use. Traffic Facts can now be used on ANY Web site! Just $2.99/month.
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WordTracker - The Leading Keyword Research Tool

2. WordTracker reflects and reveals the true world of search metrics. WordTracker tells you how many people are looking for what terms. WordTracker bridges your site to the real world of search engines. WordTracker data mining provides a priceless perspective of your Internet marketplace.
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WebPosition4 - Improve your position. Increase your traffic.

3. WebPosition4 ranks your site across the most important search engines for your most important keyword phrases, submits your sites to search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Compares your Internet search positions with your online competitors' positions for the same keyword phrases.
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e specialize in hands-on marketing online and off including individualized web site analysis, search engine optimization and Internet marketing.
In other words -- we make web sites make money. We will absolutely, positively improve your search engine rankings for your most important key words. We will make your web site more user-friendly, more business smart, and more profitable. We will deliver measurable results that can impact your bottom line.

For low-cost domain registration, hosting, e-mail and a host of Internet marketing tools, visit our Internet services division.

Learn more about our Search Engine Power Plan. To schedule your free Search Engine Ranking Report and Web Site Analysis, call Page Marketing toll free at 888-249-5848.

It could be the most profitable phone call you’ll ever make.

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